San Felix, Chiriquí, Panama

San Felix, Panama

Beautiful Land with Unique Profit Potential

As a retirement/vacation community for expatriates and Panamanians in San Felix, the “Gateway to Chiriquí Province" or as a special investment, details below.

Profit from a housing development

  • Very inexpensive land allows you to build homes that are cheaper than those offered in the more developed areas. Given the high prices elsewhere, this is a major competitive edge.

  • The land is primarily flat  with some gentle rolling hills and excellent for building.

  • The property is in the town of San Felix and has paved road access to electricity, municipal water, phone service, cellphone service, and cable service for Internet and television.

  • The land is currently home to cattle who help keep the grass down and the property “occupied”. If needed, arrangements may be made to continue cattle grazing as a means of care-taking while the new owner develops his or her plans.
  • Residents will be only a 20-minute drive from the beautiful beaches resorts and surfing of Las Lajas on the Pacific Ocean.

  • Trips to the city of David to find anything not available locally are only 50 minutes on the new four-lane Pan-American Highway.

  • In addition, San Felix is an easy “day trip” (out in the morning, back in the afternoon) to the beautiful mountain villages of Volcan and Boquete with its annual Flower Festival.

  • The property provides beautiful views of the Cerro Colorado mountains. It also has a river running along one side of the land which attracts Panama’s famous birds and other wildlife.

  • Tranquility and peace are the rule, not the exception, at this property, but with direct road access that can take you anywhere you want to go.


A potential for even greater profit

The beautiful Cerro Colorado mountains shown in the background of some photos is home to one of the three largest unexploited copper reserves remaining in the world. An attempt to commercialize these reserves failed in 2012 as a result of poor planning and failure to consult with the local inhabitants, but the project has not been abandoned and its value remains as described by the report of the Swedish Mining Delegation to Panama in June of 2017. The project was only “suspended” for further planning.

Interest remains strong in the potential for mining and the project may be proposed again in 2019.  If a new project is approved and accepted by all parties, the impact on San Felix and every square meter of nearby land will be dramatic.

The Property

The property is made up of two titled properties.  The first is 106.4856 hectares (263.13 acres) and the second small lot is 2,351 square meters (.58 acre).  The small lot expands the entrance to the property and was purchased for that purpose.  Both lots are included in this sale.

Total Area: 106.7207 hectares.(263.71 acres)
Price: $1,600,000
Price per square meter: $1.50
Status: fully titled, no liens or other encumbrances


The property is located just off the main road in the town of San Felix, approximately 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) north of the Inter-American Highway.

The well-known mountain communities of Boquete and Volcan are within easy driving distance. The surfing and beaches of Las Lajas are only 20 minutes away.

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